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Here's what the App is best at

  • -Pictures of the Dancers working at the adult club
  • -Access to the schedule of the dances
  • -Schedule private dances
  • -Schedule a VIP Room
  • -Price listings of alcoholic beverages
  • -Make It Rain Machine
  • -Much more

About us

Life is all about decisions when it comes to nightlife the Strip Club App is the preeminent choice! The strip club app is like no other Adult Genre app out; we at Mobile Device Developers, created an easy to use application that maintains the dignity and pride of character that eliminate the embarrassment of asking strangers about local adult entertainment. This easy to use app cuts out the middle man (LONELY NIGHTS) and replaces them with local entertainment from yours truly, the owner of the Stadium Club DC. By purchasing and downloading this app, owners have the advantage of marketing to the customer's specific needs by posting specials such as; club entry fees, drink specials, lap dances, pictures and amenities the club offers and V.I.P services..

Screen Shots

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